Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney

Divorces are complex, emotionally draining, and can leave you in financial ruin. You need a competent divorce lawyer who will put your best interests first.

A divorce is never pleasant, but where a case can be proven for adultery or cruelty it may be the only way for both spouses to regain their happiness. For couples that live ‘separate and apart’, a divorce terminates the marriage in the eyes of the law.

To boost the chances of a smooth and swift divorce, it is highly advisable to seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney. A compassionate divorce lawyer defends and protects your best interests.

Why You Need A Competent, Compassionate Family Lawyer To Handle Your Divorce

Choosing to separate with your spouse after years of marriage during which time you may also have been blessed with children is tough. There is a lot of pain and trauma. 

As you mull the decision to file for divorce, you will wonder if you are doing the right thing. Should you consider counselling or spend some time apart to figure things out a bit more? Lots of questions and no clear answers!

What’s true is as you agonize on the decision to end your marriage, you aren’t in the right frame of mind to deal with the other materials issues surrounding the divorce, like child custody, property division, and spousal support. 

To lessen the trauma of divorce and ensure a smooth transition to the next chapter of your life, you need a competent lawyer to help you through the divorce process.

You will need not just a divorce lawyer, but an experienced family lawyer who appreciates that the effects of the decisions taken during the divorce process will have a profound effect on yours and your children’s lives.

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    Litigation isn’t always the best way to settle a divorce

    A good lawyer will advise on a divorce resolution path that shields the children, recognizing that whatever the outcome they will need both parents in their lives. 

    A competent lawyer will stress the importance of alternative divorce settlement options, like mediation. They will know that a mediated settlement is always better than a divorce contested in public and in front of a judge who is a stranger to both parties.

    Even where a divorce in uncontested, you will still need a divorce lawyer to look through your settlement agreement legally sound and make sure your interests are protected. 

    There Are No Guaranteed Divorce Outcomes

    Yes, you may have been living apart for over a year. There may be evidence of physical abuse and cruelty. Under the law, you will be eligible for divorce. 

    In spite of all the above, divorces are still incredibly complex because, at the end of the day, the law in Canada treats all divorces as no-fault. The spouse asking for divorce does not have to prove wrongdoing as long as they cite an admissible reason for divorce. 

    A no-fault divorce means all material issues that surround the divorce, including child support, child custody and access, spousal support, and distribution of family assets will need to be settled without regard for whose fault it was for the marriage’s breakup. Divorce outcomes are therefore never guaranteed.

    To complicate matters further, spouses are often entrenched in their positions. The complex nature of child welfare and property distribution issues also do not help. For this reason, self-representation is unwise. 

    If you choose a divorce lawyer from De Sa & Associates, you will get a family law expert and personal advocate who will be invested in your case. You will get a competent, compassionate lawyer with courtroom experience and who has successfully negotiated divorce settlements through private mediation.

    De Sa & Associates family lawyers are expert listeners who will make you feel respected and understood. We know that divorce outcomes are rarely certain and will do our best to set realistic expectations. Above all, we will work with you until you get a divorce settlement you deserve.

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